Taxpertise Tips - Bonnie Lee

Recap of 2013 tax law changes

2013 was an eventful year for federal tax developments, beginning on January 1, 2013 with the passage of the American Taxpayer Relief... Continue

138 shopping days until April 15

Dear Bonnie, This year I changed jobs, got a divorce (it’s final), sold my house, changed jobs and moved. I started thinking that... Continue

Fun is not deductible, and other tax rules

Dear Bonnie, I have my own business and a lot of marketing and promotion revolves around entertaining clients. I write it all off.... Continue

What kind of money person are you?

Learning to deal with finances is something that should be taught in school. The senior year of high school should focus on “real... Continue

Tax tips for kids with summer jobs

Dear Bonnie:  I’m 17 and I just landed a summer job at a restaurant on the Plaza. Do I have to pay taxes on the tips I’ll be getting?... Continue

Where’s my refund?

Hi Bonnie, I filed my taxes at the beginning of February and I still haven’t gotten my refund. I tried to call to find out what’s... Continue

The Earned Income Tax Credit

Dear Bonnie, I have been audited five years in a row through letters in the mail. They keep my refund every time. I claim my three... Continue

Good news on college tax credits

Dear Bonnie, My kid is going to college next year. Can you tell me something about the tax credits for higher education? I’m kind... Continue

Documenting your business income

Dear Bonnie, I was audited and found out that I actually had been over-reporting my income. I’m self-employed and I keep pretty decent... Continue

Can’t afford tax bill? Don’t panic

Dear Bonnie, I just filed my tax return and found that I owe, but don’t have the money to pay. Are they going to take the money out... Continue